Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions
SmartDocArchief (SDA) System
An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that will allow structural storage & secure-retrieval of information/documents in archival systems and databases with centralize access.
SmartCS Correspondence System
A Document Management System (DMS) that specializes in handling the correspondence operations within your organization including internal/external communication allowing transforming the organization into a paperless environment.
SmartDJ Daily Jacket Archiving System for Banks
A Document Management System (DMS) that will allow archiving and automation of the auditing and reviewing process of the hardcopy vouchers/advices generated by the bank tellers with workflow capabilities.
SmartCOLD Archiving System for Banks Reports
A Document Management System (DMS) that will ease the process done by the bank staff to Ask-and-Retrieve for the core system frequently generated reports with extra features to enable exporting and viewing of data similar to their printed format.
Documents Scanning & Data Entry Services
A complementary service where we offer a team of professional and trained personnel to handle the transformation of the physical hardcopy enterprise materials into our deployed eSolutions.