SmartERP Solutions
SmartInventory Inventory Resource Planning
An Inventory Resource Planning (IRP) system that will facilitate the management of inventory and suppliers with useful reporting capabilities.
SmartFinance Financial Resources Management
A Financial Resources Management (FRM) system to manage all aspects of your organization’s financial management requirements. It provides a set of accounting functionalities that are both comprehensive and scalable to manage your business.
SmartResearch Researches Funding Management
A Research Funding Management (RFM) system that will facilitate the management of research funding applications and monitor/control them from the start of the application until the end of the scientific research project.
SmartPayroll Payroll Management for KSA
Allows the management of the employee payroll details in relation to defined salary scale and the included incentives, salary raises/deductions in accordance to laws & regulations of KSA
SmartEmployee Employees Management for KSA
A system that will facilitate the management of human resources (HR) tasks in addition to the employee daily activities management (e.g. vacations) with useful reporting capabilities in accordance to the law & regulations of KSA.